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Politics and Society > 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party: national and international possible changes at “the time of China”

19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party: national and international possible changes at “the time of China”

XIX Congreso del Partido Comunista Chino: posibles cambios nacionales e internacionales en la “hora de China” - IMG 2

The 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will begin next 18th of October and will bring changes in state organs and the political and economic direction of the country. These events are held every 5 years and their purpose is to renew managing organs, remodel by-laws and present the new five-year plans, roadmaps where the party bases the way the State works.

Xi Jinping, who has great popularity and firmly believes in the rebirth of China, plans to achieve a more solid, ideologised and loyal party that will allow him continue with his plans of promoting new and deep reforms that reinforce the international influence of the country.

This roundtable aims to analyse the current panorama and approach political, social and economic changes inside and outside the country that could take place after the congress.

Presented by: 
Teresa Gutiérrez del Álamo, Programme Director of Casa Asia Centre-Madrid

Mariola Moncada, Doctor in Contemporary History, University of Fudan (Shanghái) 
Mario Esteban, main researcher (Asia-Pacific), Real Instituto Elcano de Estudios Internacionales y Estratégicos 
Lin Yue, assistant teacher, University Autonomous of Madrid

Moderated by: 
Áurea Moltó, Assistant Director of Foreign Policy

2017/10/17 19:00 h
Tuesday 17th of October from 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Casa Asia Centre-Madrid
Palacio de Cañete
c/ Mayor 69, 1ª planta
Free admission with prior registration.
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