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Video program: "Greater China - Here, There and Everywhere"

Programa de videoarte:

Casa Asia in collaboration with Videotage (Hong Kong) presents an audiovisual program entitled Greater China - Here, There and Everywhere at the LOOP 2017 Festival. According to Isaac Leung, the commissioner of the project, this project is to emphasize the divisions, borders and interstices that separate the different Chinese communities correspoding to the territory that they occupy.

The artists are from mainland China as Feng Mengbo and Lu Yang or Taipei as Chen Chen Yu and Singapore as Ming Wong. The remaining four, Samuel Adam Swope, Phoebe Ching Ying Man, Kwan Sheung Chi, Mak Ying Tung and Wong Ka Ying are from Hong Kong. The productions of the project are dated between 2001 and 2016, and they cover diverse subjects through the fragmentation of stories that are submerged in domestic and daily life and in conflicts of global reach. Isaac Leung participates in the LOOP Festival for the second time, and again he does it with a program in which his experience in the different formats that the moving image can adopt in the artistic practice is perceived.


Long March: Restart, Dir. Feng Mengbo | China | 2008 | 2’42’’

Based on the works of Feng Mengbo's Game Over series: Long March, this short film reshapes Long March into a fantastic story by calling them an interactive video game installation. This piece has been exhibited at UCCA, MoMA, PS1 and ZKM among other art centers since 2009. Feng Mengbo calls himself a "video game artist" who uses new media and technologies to explore Chinese iconography and history. Despite his rejection of trademarks, Feng's visual and conceptual concerns closely relate him to Wang Guangyi's Political Pop, among others.

Cancer Baby, Dir. Lu Yang | China | 2014 | 2’20’’

Through various medias, such as animation, installation, jewelry and 3D printing, artist Lu Yang has metamorphosed cancer cells into animated characters with dazzling colors. The character's charming beauty, characteristic Lu Yang's artistic approach, reveals much of the irony and cruelty of the real world. Lu Yang is an artist who uses a variety of media with which he explores existential questions about the nature of life and the place where he resides. Lu Yang's work represents a new generation whose artistic approach embraces all facets of modern life, science and technology.

The Fall (advance copy), Dir. Chen Chen Yu | Taipei | 2015 | 25’39’’

The Fall (advance copy) is an experimental documentary that investigates the global manufacturing industry through the act of falling. The materials of the crashed and abandoned planes are recycled and converted into electronic products, while some workers at Foxconn, an iPhone factory in China, try to commit suicide by jumping from the buildings. In the film, the death of the proletariat in class society is equivalent to the violent dislocation of the materials of fallen aircraft. Within an incessant cycle of distribution and deterioration, the recycled materials as well as the workers and their representations become debris of the audiovisual industry. Chen Chen Yu works to explore the social and political complexes produced especially within the digital industry.

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta->, Dir. Samuel Adam Swope | Hong Kong | 2012 | 16’26’’

Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-> is a guerrilla performance within an urban context. The performance examines the ritual of flyers distribution in Hong Kong. In this audiovisual work, a metal artifact fires paper airplanes from the roof of a factory. Samuel Adam Swope is an artist recognized for his Aerial Art and for inventing novel situations with artistic value. For him, Air Art is the construction and control of objects and aesthetic environments that interact with air or are transported through the air. Samuel's greate crieativity comes from his innate curiosity, imagination, and restless behavior.

Windows On The World (Part 1), Dir. Ming Wong | Singapur | 2014 | 3’20’’

As part of Wong's engagement in unconscious relationships between science fiction and Cantonese opera, Windows On The World (part 1) explores the situation in which the vortex of space conquest encounters the vortex of antiquity, becoming a place where people imagine a Chinese science-fiction. According to Ming Wong "Science fiction is a space where you can re-imagine societies and identities, also incorporate ideas or repercussions of those ideas in a society."

Rati, Dir. Phoebe Ching Ying Man | Hong Kong | 2001 | 8’05’’

Rati is a work inspired by the physical presentation of people in chat rooms. People always show their bodies. Men just want to see the bodies of women. Are the women only pieces of meat? The life of a walking vagina tries to answer this question. Phoebe Ching is an independent curator, conceptual artist, media practitioner and lecturer at the Creative Media School at the University of Hong Kong City. She is a communicator. Her works intend to communicate with herself, with society, with the history of art and with the audience. From self-exploration, research on ideologies and the realization of visual language experiments, her works are mostly multidisciplinary and try to address concerns and social circumstances of the current context.

Doing it with Mrs Kwan… Making Pepper Spray, Dir. Kwan Sheung Chi | Hong Kong | 2012 | 5’16’’

This work is a video demonstration of how to make pepper spray. Kwan Sheung Chi has done it in the same form and style, including the same background music as his previous work Doing it with Chi ... making an Exit Bag. In this new short film, wife of the artist Wong Wai Yin, teaches how to spray pepper to flavor food by imitating the weapon used by police for the repression of demonstrators. The work of Kwan Sheung Chi is directed by concepts that point directly to the reflection and criticism of contemporary society. With the help of references to art, film, literature and popular culture, Kwan attempts to evaluate reality through the eyes of the "common citizen."

All my love, Dir. Mak Ying Tung, & Wong Ka Ying | Hong Kong | 2016 | 2'50"

“All for you” is a production based on collages, which uses online stores as an indispensable element to address the preferences and tastes of "sweet" and "adorable" women. Adopting the design and aesthetics of Instagram Stores, this work reaffirms the mechanisms of global merchandising and e-commerce. COME INSIDE is an artistic group integrated in 2016 by Mak Ying Tung and Wong Ka Ying. Through audiovisual projects they try to parody the hyperfeminine culture, while appropriating those stereotypes to turn them into fortresses.

Isaac Leung, Project Commissioner and Director of Videotage (Hong Kong)

Menene Gras Balaguer, director of Culture and Exhibision of Casa Asia

2017/05/27 20:00 h
27 May Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Cinemes Girona
c/ Girona, 175


Precio entrada: 3,5 euros
Precio abonados y socios de los Cinemes Girona: 2 euros

Casa Asia con la colaboración de Videotage, en el marco del Festival LOOP

Admission fee:  3.5 euros

Admission fee for subscribers and partners of Cinemes Girona: 2 euros

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