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Film series: "Central Asia and Cinema"

Ciclo de cine:

After the programme devoted to Central Asian films with the screenings organised in 2011, 2012 and 2016, Casa Asia offers a new display with films shot in the last 3 years. 2 of the 7 titles are from Kyrgyzstan and 5 from Kazakhstan.

Central Asian films are unknown for most of the public and we think it is necessary to discover narratives that contact us with worlds we wouldn't be able to access any other way.

The films presented show domestic and everyday life in rural areas and it cities without forgetting about the historical environment and common past shared among its characters. It consists of micro and large stories, whose purpose is not limited to individual lives, but it mainly consists on the construction of different national identities.



Saturday, 13th of May 2017, 8.00pm

UNDER HEAVEN, Dir. Dalmira Tilepbergenova | Kyrgyzstan | 2015 | 88’ | VOSE

Two brothers, rebel Kerim and conscientious Aman, live with their mother and work in the family's quarries. Their father is forced to work outside Russia, with the purpose to pay off Kerim's debts as a result of convictions for drug traffic. The two brothers fall in love with the same girl of the village, Saltanat, which involves a bitter argument with unexpected consequences. Dalmira Tilepbergenova, the director from Kyrgyzstan, is member of NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema) since 2015. Her first long film was awarded with the Special Mention of the Jury for new films at the Montreal World Film Festival of 2015.

Saturday, 20 of May 2017, 8:00 pm

ARZY. DUMB, Dir. Rusian Mashrapov | Kyrgyzstan | 2015 | 71’ | VOSE

In a small and isolated corner of the vast universe, where thick forests and majestic Ala-Too mountains extend, the story of a young man named Arzy unfolds. Deprived of the capacity of thinking, hearing and talking, Arzy falls in love with his neighbor Tansulu, but, the fate ends up separating them. But he kept having a dream of a man who tells him where he should go and points him in one direction, and this dream will be a key to make him belive that he will meet again his beloved Tansulu.

Saturday, 3 of June 2017, 8:00 pm

ZHOL, Dir. Askar Uzabev | Kazajstán | 2014 | 94’ | VOSE

Zhol es la historia de un chico corriente al que sus amigos y conocidos llaman Spark. Su vida, desde el punto de vista de los demás, es diferente. Trabaja en un mercadillo, con unos ingresos muy bajos, pero suficientes para él. En su tiempo libre, participa en combates de boxeo no oficiales. Aunque es un autodidacta, demuestra tener un gran talento. Askar Uzabev es conocido en el campo del arte independiente, por ser uno de los fundadores del movimiento conocido como “teatro de guerrilla”. Sus trabajos han sido premiados reiteradamente en varios festivales de cine internacionales.

Sábado, 10 de junio de 2017, 20h

AMANAT, Dir. Narymbetov Satybaldy | Kazajistan | 2015 | 127’ | VOSE

The film takes place at three different time zones; mid-nineteenth century, during the reign of Kenesary, mid-twentieth century, and the late sixties. The centerpiece of the narrative is the fate of an ancient historian who was a celebrated political prisoner, Ermukhan Bekmakhanov, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his work on the liberation movement of Kenesary Kasymov. The director, Narymbetov Satybaldy is known internationally for his work Mustafa Shokai (2008).

Saturday, 17 June de 2017, 8:00 pm

KUNANBAY, Dir. Doshkan Zholzhaksynov | Kazajistan | 2015 | 86’ | VOSE

This feature films brings the audience to the end of the 19th century, in the Kazan steppes, where they show the character and identity of Kunanbay. The film shows the customs of the time, while cultivating a deep philosophical background. The personality of the protagonist is revealed through his eloquence and care for his homeland and his fellow tribesmen. Doskhan Zholzhaksynov was born in 1951 in Aksuan (Soviet Union). He is an actor and director known for films such as Köshpendiler (2005), Birzhan sal (2009) and Pegiy pyos, Begushchi kraem moray (1991).

Saturday, 24 June 2017, 8:00 pm

COURT EXECUTOR, Dir. Murat Mackhan | Kazajistan | 2015 | 51’ | VOSE

Shildebek is a 47-years-old police officer. His job is to evict debtors almost every day, to execute confiscations and to listen to the insults of people who have been left homeless. One day, Shildebek receives an ordinary task, which consists in evicting a woman with a child for breach of rent payment. But, it will not be so easy, because Shildebek begins to feel sorry for her and to feel unable to comply with his mission.

Saturday, 22 July de 2017, 8:00 pm

QAZAQ ELI, Dir. Datyrkhan Daurenbekov | Kazajistan | 2016 | 76’ | VOSE

Deisht-I-Kipchak, under the authority of the descendants of Genghis Khan, is in danger. Abulkhair Khan sees Kerey and Zhanybek as his worst enemies for claiming the throne, so he decides to finish with them. Datyrkhan Daurenbekov has a long history as an audiovisual director. In 2009, he was awarded the medal "Madeniet Kairatkeri" and is currently the director of the film studio "SAK" and screenwriter of many animated films.


2017/05/13 > 2017/07/22
From 13 of May to 22 of July 2017
Cinemes Girona
c/ Girona, 175

3,5 euros.

2 euros for the subscribers and partners of the Girona Cinemas.

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