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Politics and Society > Demonstration-talk: "Meeting between Japanese and Western music", by Kenichi Yoshida and Fabià Santcovsky

Demonstration-talk: "Meeting between Japanese and Western music", by Kenichi Yoshida and Fabià Santcovsky

Charla-demostración: “Encuentro entre la música japonesa y la occidental”, a cargo de Kenichi Yoshida y Fabià Santcovsky - img 2

Japanese musician Kenichi Yoshida will give a demostration-talk on the art of Shamisen at Casa Asia. He will be accompanied by the Catalan composer, Fabià Santcovsky to explain what he is composing for the traditional Japanese instrument. The world-renowned Shamisen player Kenichi Yoshida will present the origins and characteristics of Shamisen.

The session will also feature the talk by the Catalan composer who is currently composing a concert for Shamisen and orchestra.

Kenichi Yoshida, one of the most famous Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese traditional guitars with three strings) players in Japan, visits Casa Asia with the aim of presenting the richness of sounds of this classic Japanese instrument to the public in Barcelona. He will be accompanied by the Catalan composer Fabià Santcovsky to share his experience of composing for Shamisen as well as the challenges of incorporating him into a symphony orchestra.

Kenichi Yoshida is a member of the Tsugaru Shamisen group Yoshida Brothers, internationally recognized for its virtuosity and originality. Among his many projects of collaboration with artists and institutions around the world, there is a Shamisen class at the Catalan Music School, which is the first Shamisen class in Europe. After several visits to Barcelona to offer all kinds of concerts and talks, now he is back again to Barcelona to continue his works of spreading Shamisen.


2017/05/12 18:30 h
12 May, Friday at 18.30 p.m.
Arco del Triunfo
Free admission with limited capacity
Consulado General del Japón en Barcelona y Casa Asia, con la colaboración de YB ENTERTAINMENT y Mirasol
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