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Politics and Society > Lecture Series “90th Anniversary of the Chinese Civil War: History of a Present Conflict (1927-2017)”

Lecture Series “90th Anniversary of the Chinese Civil War: History of a Present Conflict (1927-2017)”

90 aniversario de la Guerra Civil China: Historia de un conflicto presente (1927-2017) 700

From the Peace and Conflict Institute of University of Granada a lecture series on the Chinese Civil War is organised. This series will place this conflict in its historical context but it also goes down the road of intellectual dialectics or ideological evolution of its characters until today where, due to the recent movements of US foreign policies, a new Great Game seems to have begun in the China Sea.

The Chinese workers that expected, in April 1927, the arrival of their army, the Kuomintang Revolutionary National Army (KMT) for the definitive victory in Shanghai, certainly did not expect that it would betray them with what was called "the killing of Shanghai”. It was not likely for one of the communist leaders that escaped the repression, Zhou Enlai, to conceive the beginning of a conflict that 90 years later was still open.

With the incident of Shanghai or the Shanghai killing of 1927, China enters a new stage of its convulse 20th century –that, as we can't forget, had started with the Boxer Rebellion or Yihetuan Uprising- starting a civil war between KMT supporters and the Chinese Communist Party (PCCh) that led to the foundation of People's Republic of China and international confrontation –with greater or less intensity- with the Republic of China (Taiwan). A war that technically is still open today; a conflict that is also a reflection of different ways to see the world.


Wednesday, 8th of March
China, between permanent revolution and the Cold War (1911-1992) [this includes, screening of the documentary “China in Revolution. Battle for Suvirval 1911–1936”, Sue Willians (1989), 57’, VOSE”]
Andrés Herrera-Feligreras, Public University of Navarra
Time and venue: 6.00pm. Gandhi Hall (Peace and Conflict Institute, c/ Rector López Argüeta)

Wednesday, 15th of March
The unfinished war: tension and conflict in the China sea
Andrés Herrera-Feligreras, Public University of Navarra.
Time and venue: 6.00pm. “Jiménez de Asua” Hall (Peace and Conflict Institute, C/ Rector López Argüeta)

Wednesday 22nd of March
Lu Xun and Hu Shi: two intellectuals in republican China
Javier Martín Ríos, University of Granada
Time and venue: 6.00pm. “Jiménez de Asua” Hall (Peace and Conflict Institute, c/ Rector López Argüeta)

Wednesday 29th of March
The figure of Cai Yuanpei as an education reformist in republican China
Alexandra Magdalena Mironesko, University of Granada
Time and venue: 12.30pm. “Decano José Palanco” Hall (Faculty of Humanities, Calle del Prof. Clavera)

About speakers:

Javier Martín Ríos. Doctor in Philology by University of Granada and Chinese Modern and Contemporary Language and Literature teacher at this University. Collaborator of the Peace and Conflict Institute of University of Granada. Between 1998 and 2006 he carried out Chinese language and culture studies and was Spanish teacher at several universities of People's Republic of China.

Alexandra Magdalena Mironesko. Doctoral student and University Master in East Asian Studies by University of Granada, he has developed several research stays at Chinese and European universities. Her scientific interests are led towards studies of history and culture of modern China with special emphasis placed on the development of the educational system in the Chinese Republic (1912-1949).

Andrés Herrera-Feligreras. Doctor by the Public University of Navarra, (UPNA) among her object of study contemporary history of the Chinese world is highlighted as well as its relationship with Spain. He has carried out research stays at universities of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and currently works on the life of Chiang Ching Kuo as post-doc researcher at UPNA. He is editor of Yuanfang Magazine.

2017/03/08 > 2017/03/29
From the 8th to the 29th of March 2017
Peace and Conflict Institute
Scientific Documentation Building  
c/ Rector López Argüeta, s/n 
Granada Faculty of Humanities
Cartuja Campus, University of Granada
Calle del Prof. Clavera, s/n
Free admission
Peace and Conflict Institute, in collaboration with Casa Asia and Yuanfang Magazine
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