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Encounter with extraordinary women owing to International Women's Day

Encuentro con mujeres extraordinarias con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer IMG2

Owing to the International Women's Day, Casa Asia organises an encounter with women from different origins to get to know about their untypical careers, their vision on women's situation based on their personal experience with an intergenerational and intercultural perspective. The format will be informal and will allow debate among everybody.


Fatima Ali (Pakistan). Psychology and Fashion Design graduate. Taxi driver and self-employed. Member of Pakmir. Mother of 2 children. 11 years in Spain.

Sithy Saem (Cambodia). She works in the field of Cooperation at an NGO and she is a volunteer to help her community. She organises cultural events to spread Cambodian culture. She takes part in Forum Theatre lessons at Casa Asia.

Cristina Zhang Yu (Chinese origin). Born in Barcelona, she is a Psychology graduate and she has carried out a master in Education Psychology. She works on a R&D project on immigration and technologies at University of Barcelona and as educational psychologist at an institute. She is also carrying out her PhD on identity construction in Chinese origin second generations.

Jennifer Ardalo (the Philippines). She arrived in Barcelona in 1992. She works in Barcelona Airport. She takes part in two choirs, the Philippine Choir and Barcelona Coral Asia. She is mother of 2 sons and belongs to a family of 3 generations of women in Barcelona.

Nora Baños (Catalan and Muslim). She has studied a degree in Social Integration and as a hobby she is trained in Laughter Therapy. She is a teacher at an institute with children with functional diversity. Student of Humanities at UOC. Volunteer in associations and member of “Jo sóc un referent” of the Programme BCN Interculturality. Political activist in Pineda de Mar.

Janu Haque (Bangladesh). President of the Women's Association of Bangladesh. Art Graduate. Mother of two children.

Moderated by:

Komal Naz, Pakistani origin intercultural mediator, Humanities graduate.
Alejandra Forero, Colombian origin, Master in Cultural Heritage Management.
Gaelle Patin Laloy, Diversity and Interculturality Senior Project Manager, Casa Asia.

“International Women's Day is a date celebrated all around the world. When women from all continents, often separated by national borders and ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences, are brought together to celebrate their day, they can contemplate a tradition of 90 years of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development“. (

2017/03/09 19:00 h
9th of March at 7.00pm
Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
Sant Manuel Pavilion
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
Free admission with limited capacity.
Casa Asia
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