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Dance-Performance by Daniel Kok at Hiroshima Hall

Danza-performance de Daniel Kok en la Sala Hiroshima IMG2

Daniel Kok, awarded Young Artist of the National Arts Council of Singapore, returns to Hiroshima Hall on the 17th and 18th of February at 9.00pm with a performance investigating his relationship with the audience.

What would happen if when I say that I'm working on my audience was literal? What would happen if when  I look at the audience from the stage, I could look at each one of you in the eye and recognise you? What would happen if we had created an intimate relationship while you came to see me in the theatre?

In 2012, Daniel received an MA of Solo/Dance/Author (SODA) at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT, Berlin). In 2014, he finished his studies on Advanced Performance and Scenography (APASS) in Brussels. In 2008, he was given the award to the Young Artist of the National Arts Council of Singapore.

His creation “Q&A” (2009), curated by the Arts Festival of Singapore, has been interpreted in Edinburgh, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Berlin, Vienna, Bangkok, Yokohama, Seoul andy Moscow. “The Gay Romeo” (2011), selected as Priority Company for the Network Europea Aerowaves has been shown in Berlin, Tokyo, Liubliana, Moscow and Bruges. “Cheerleader of Europe” (2014), supported by Nadine, workspacebrussels and PACT Zollverein, was carried out in Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso and at the platform of ImpulsTanz festival in Vienna. Its new creation, “PIIGS” is a performance of a cheerleader team, coproduced by Nationales Performance Netz (Germany), Maxim Gorki Theater (Berlin), and workspacebrussels with the cultural initiative Life Long HBurning of the European Union.


Concepto, Coreografía, Intérprete: Daniel KOK
Dramaturgia: Jorge GONÇALVES
Productor: TANG Fukuen
Producción & Stage Manager: YAP Seok
HuiMúsica: Yellow Sky (1995), Ellen Allien


The Gay Romeo, 2011-2013 (short excerpt) from daniel kok diskodanny on Vimeo.

2017/02/17 > 2017/02/18
Divendres 17 i dissabte 18 de febrer a les 21.00 h
Sala Hiroshima
c/ Vilà i Vilà, 67

Sala Hiroshima, amb la colaboració de Casa Asia
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