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Film Series: "Human Landscapes in Japanese Cinema"

Ciclo de cine:

The film series Human Landscapes offers us a stimulating selection of films chosen among the best Japanese cinema of the past 10 years.

It consists of a group of films where different ways of understanding life are displayed, from a more optimistic or realistic point of view, approaching us to the way in which contemporary Japanese film directors observe and capture the different realities of current everyday life. These stories are told from a wide range of perspectives, showing us how people of different ages interact with those that surround them, with their environment and the situations they experience.

Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days (Azuma Morisaki, 2013) talks about the relationship of an elderly mother with her confused; Being Good (Mipo O, 2015) approaches relationships between parents and children and relationships with people close to us; in Sketches of Kaitan (Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, 2010) we accompany a group of characters in everyday life in Hakodate; whereas in All Around Us (Ryosuke Hashiguchi, 2008) we follow a couple that turns us into witnesses of their long and complicated love story throughout 10 years. Finally, The Letter (Jiro Shono, 2006) is about family, fate and the struggle to change it with someone else's help.


Saturday, 5th of November 2016, 8.00pm
PECOROSS’ MOTHER AND HER DAYS Dir. Azuma Morisaki | 2013 |113’ | VOSE
This film is part of the programme of Casa Asia Film Festival 2016.
Yuuichi Okano is a baby boomer born in Nagasaki, Japan. His head looks like a ‘pecoross’ or a small onion. His mother, Mitsue, suffers dementia since her husband, Satoru, died 10 years before. The film discusses the everyday life of this family with bittersweet sense of humour. Yuuichi decided to take his mother to an old people's home; there Mitsue spends time with other residents and slowly their memeories will take her back to the past. The director, Azuma Morisaki, describes in a masterful way old age, the relationship between mother and son and cares needed in old age.

Saturday, 12th of November 2016, 8.00pm
BEING GOOD, Dir. Mipo O | 2015 |121’ | VOSE
This film is part of the programme of Casa Asia Film Festival 2016.
Tasuku Okano is a young new teacher at a primary school. Tasuko spends his first few days at school pretending to be busy, without paying much attention to his students. He slowly realises that Kanda, one of his students, could be a bully victim, but tries to ignore him convincing himself that he is too busy to get involved in this situation. On the other hand, Masami was brought up by an abusive mother. She now has the same behaviour towards her own 3 year old child, Ayane. Masami cannot stop mistreating her daughter since she was 10 months old and tries to justify her abuse with the idea that other mothers treat their children the same way. Finally, Akiko is a young girl treated as a thief because she forgets to pay in the supermarket. The film is a tribute to kindness and considerate treatment and how they become the main arm against abuse and injustice.

Saturday, 19th of November 2016, 8.00pm
SKETCHES OF KAITAN CITY, Dir. Kazuyoshi Kumakiri | 2010 |152’ | VOSE
This film is an adaptation of the writer Yasuhi Sato, who tends to describe the identity of Japan through destinations linked by isolation and lack of communication. Focused on Hakodate, a Japanese city connected by a tram network, the director describes a series of bittersweet situations with different characters. A man who has just lost his job and youngest daughter is climbing up a mountain to see the sunrise. Paralelly, Haruo, who has inherited his family's gas business, sees he is not able to accept all his responsabilities and he begins to get more and more frustrated.

Saturday, 26th of November 2016, 8.00pm
ALL AROUND US, Dir. Ryosuke Hashiguchi | 2008 |140’ |VOSE
Year 1993, Kanao and Shoko are a couple from Tokyo who are waiting for their first child to be born. Even though both of them have studied art, Kanao works as a shoe deliveryman and Shoko works in a small publishing company. Kanao quits his job to work as a drawer in court, becoming a genius in the field. Throughout the film some of the most important criminal trials in Japanese recent history will be present. Even though some names have been changed, in the plot we can see the child killer Miyazaki Tsutomu; Takuma Mamoru, the mind behind the massacre of the Osaka secondary school; and references to the sarin gas killing in Tokyo underground. The sad life circumstances will make Shoko rediscover her artistic career when the couple will have to coexist with nasty and sad parts of life.

Saturday, 3rd of December 2016, 8.00pm
THE LETTER, Dir. Jiro Shono | 2006 |121’ | VOSE
Takeshi's letters are given to his little brother once a month, Naoki. Takeshi is serving life sentence for the crime he committed to save his brother. Unfortunately, the repercussion of the crime ends up sentencing Naoki as well, who is pointed at as the “killer's brother”, not letting him learn about love, have a good professional career or follow his dreams. His desperate situation gradually changes when he meets Yumiko, his real love, who will never stop being by his side. To protect his love, Naoki starts writing letters to Takeshi... This is the moving story of a man sentenced to a irreversible fate, but despite this tries to overcome it searching for his dreams.

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