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Ciclo de cine de Kazajstán 700

This programme contemplates a selection of 6 films made in Kazakhstan between 2014 and 2015, with the intention of attract attention on a cinematography that steps into the international scenario showing a potential that has been discussed since the screening of Emil Bargazin's Harmony Lessons at the Berlinale in 2013.

The presentation of this series coincides with the 25th independence aniversary of Kazakhstan and the full programme includes 5 fiction long films and a documentary. Kazakh cinema has awaken a growing interest in different circuits and scenarios for years. This is proved with The Road (1992) by Ormibaev Darejan, Highway (2001) by Sergey Dvortsevoy and My Brother Silk Road (2001), by Marut Sarulu, films with which viewers began to travel around this country and got to know it. The Republic of Kazakhstan has turned to cinema as a mass media par excellence, making its development coincide with the economic and social transformation experimented in the last decades. The nineth biggest country of the world, with an ethnic and cultural diversity constituted by 131 nationalities, counts on a population of 17.5 million inhabitants that are shared out in 17 provinces. Kazakhs (63%), Russians (23%), Uyghurs, Uzbeks, Ukranians, Tartars, Polish and Lithuanians, among others, coexist in this geographical land equivalent to Western Europe. The programme presents some of the latest productions of the country, covering the present and the past, historical memory and the affirmation of national identity, from its independence in 1991 until nowadays.


Tuesday 4th of October 2016, at 7.30pm Presentation of the series and discussion

THE VOICE OF THE STEPPE, Dir. Ermek Shinarbaev | 2014 | 90’ | VOSE 
This film by the director Ermek Shinarbaev, also producer and writer of TV series, tells the story of a child called Anatole, who lives in the steppe of Kazakhstan in the 60's with his parents that are archaeologists. After being a witness of his brother's death in an accident, he was so traumatised that he stops talking until he meets Kazakh Eraly, who will teach him to listen to nature and its environment, as well as to talk again. All Anatole's life will depend, from this moment, on his ability to listen. His ear will connect him to the world and, 50 years later, the steppe will call him again. In addiiton, this long film includes the wonderful performance of Gérard Depardieu.

Thursday 13th of October 2016, at 9.15pm

KURKO / TENT, Dir. Kenjebek Shaikakov | 2014 |105’ | VOSE 
Tent, the most recent film by the director and scriptwriter Kenjebek Shaikakov, presented at the fifth Art-House Film Festival of Kyrgyzstan is about a young man called Sapar. One day, the local police reports him for stealing chickens for lunch. As a punishment, he will have to spend the summer in the countryside looking after sheep. During that time, while he does his work in the countryside, he will meet a girl, Aishuruk, who he sees everyday in a shop where, far from adult control, will become a shelter to runaway from family pressure. This shop will end up becoming his real home.

Friday 14th of October 2016, at 9.00pm

KENZHE (Little Brother), Dir. Ermek Tursunov | 2015 | 85’ | VOSE 
Kenzhe is a contract killer who executes orders of his older brother, who sends him cryptical messages on his mobile phone. Nobody knows his real name or when their paths were separated after leaving their hometown together when they were children, going to a city in search for adventures and prosperity. His relationship with his own son reveals the other side of this cold hearted criminal, even though family conflicts will not take long in exploding after a failed job, seeing himself followed by a beautiful and misterious blue eyed killer.

Sunday 16th of October 2016, at 8.00pm

JOURNEY TO HOME, Dir. Rustem Suleymenov |2015 | 89’ | VOSE 
The plot begins with the story of a Kazakh man who decided to live far from his hometown but finally realises the most important thing in life is love to one's homeland and family. Maksat, the main character of this film, likes living and working in Europe, where he is a microbiologist who works in a large company for which he carries out difficult projects. Generally he looks at his hometown through the window of planes on his business trips and visits. And only his grandfather's death, who lives in a random village, changes the caotic timetable of this successful businessman.

Tuesday 18th of October 2016, at 9.30pm

ZHANGAK TAL / WALNUT TREE, Dir. Yerlan Nurmukhambetov | 2015 | 81' | VOSE 
This film tells us the story of two young lovers, Gabit and Aisulu, who decide to get married. The conflict appears when Aisulu's parents show their disagreement with their marriage and oppose to the wedding. In addition, according to the famous local tradition, the groom must kidnap his lover to be able to marry her. Therefore, the film shows us a love story told with humour and dramatism, where a young couple from Kazakhstan must decide between family and love, even though choosing an option involves giving up the other.

Thursday 20th of October 2016, at 8.45pm Presentation of the series and discussion by the director

LOS OLVIDADOS DE KARAGANDÁ, Dir. Enrique Gaspar Rodríguez | 2015 | 59’ | CAST. 
A documentary that tells the story of 152 Spanish people who belonged to the Republican and National side, and were forced to coexist in a Soviet gulag between 1941 and 1954. They had to join their efforts in search for a common objective consisting of surviving in adverse conditions. At the same time, this documentary is made up of interviews, witnesses and a tour around all those hostile landscapes for those who had believed in paradise. This documentary is directed by Enrique Gaspar Rodríguez, with the script by León de África, who recovers material of RTVE files.

Presentation of the series and discussion: 4th of October 2016, at 7.30pm

Given by: 
Bakyt Dyussenbayev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Spain 
Menene Gras Balaguer, Culture and Exhibition Director of Casa Asia and CAFW Director.

2016/10/04 > 2016/10/20

Presentation of the series and discussion: 4th of October 2016, at 7.30pm 
Film series: Between 4th and 20th of October 2016

Doré Cinema 
c/ Santa Isabel, 3 

Price of the ticket: 2.5 Euros | 10 session Ticket: 20 Euros | Price for students: 2 Euros | 10 session Ticket for students: 15 Euros

Casa Asia, Embassy of Kazakhstan, 25th Independence Anniversary – Kazakhstan, Jabakonilm, Kazakh-Spanish Association and Spanish Film Library


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