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Film Series: "Narratives of Australian Cinema"

Ciclo de cine:

Casa Asia, ASBA (Australia Spain Business Association) and the Embassy of Australia present an Australian film display like the one held at the beginning of 2015 in Barcelona and Madrid, with the purpose to give continuity to the presence of a cinema that is unknown, supported by a market that has made its circulation in festivals and commercial cinemas all around the world.

Australia is a country with a strong cinematographic industry in constant expansion, as it is proved also regarding coproductions with other countries. Successes such as Australia (2008), The King's Speech (2010), Animal Kingdom (2010) or Mad Max (1979-2015), give examples of the narrative potential in all gendres of this cinema that has a long history and holds a place in international distribution. The geographical procedence is an indicator of the local narratives that this cinema has developed in this global society. The cultural turn of geography in the last decade vindicates the notion of a culture-world between space and temporality of the image. The five films that will be screened - 52 Tuesdays, Son of a Gun, Paper Planes, The Dressmaker and The Water Diviner – approach topics of everyday and domestic live of an open, multicultural and tolerant society with its own rules.


Saturday 1st of October 2016, 8.00pm | Presentation of the series and discussion

52 TUESDAYS, Dir. Sophie Hyde | 2013 | 109’ | VOSE 
Billie is a young woman about to turn 18. All this process of changes is accelerated when her mother reveals her intention of having a gender resssignment and at the only time they have together is Tuesday afternoons. 52 Tuesdays collects this story full of emotions and marked by desire, responsability and transformation. Shot in an unusual way, one once a week during a year, 52 Tuesdays won secondary awards at Sundance and Berlin festivals in 2014.

Saturday 8th of October 2016 at 8.00pm

SON OF A GUN, Dir. Julius Avery | 2014  | 108’ | VOSE 
In prison for a minor crime, young JR quickly learns about the strength of life in prison and to survive inside protection is required. Soon he will see himself under the look of the most famous criminal in Australia, Brendan Lynch but this protection has a price. Lynch and his team have plans for their young protected man: after JR was freed, he will have to help Lynch with his escape plan.

Saturday 15th of October 2016, 8.00pm

PAPER PLANES, Dir. Robert Connolly | 2014 | 96’ | VOSE 
A young man from Australia called Dylan is a passionate of paper planes who ends up competing in the World Contest of this modality in Japan. Despite the fact that Dylan does whatever is possible to concentrate on his goal, the worry about his father who is still grieving his mother's death in a traffic accident will make it hard for him. He also confronts the school bully who won't stop bothering him and his main rival in the Contest, a spoilt young man who is used to winning. He also has to look after a falcon he feeds on his way to school and watch Kimi's advances, the Japanese champion of paper planes.

Saturday 22nd of October 2016, 8.00pm

THE DRESSMAKER, Dir. Jocelyn Moorhouse | 2015 | 118’ | VOSE 
Australia, 50's. Tilly Dunnage, turned into a tailor, goes back home in the turbid village of Dungatar after many years working for exclusive fashion houses in Paris with the purpose to close wounds of the past and take revenge on who forced her to leave years before. There, she will not only reconcile with Molly, her ill and eccentric mother, and she will unexpectedly fall in love with Teddy, but she with her sewing machine she will be able to transform not only the women of the vilalge, but also customs and lifestyle achieving her desired revenge, without having to overcome dramas she inherits from the past.

Saturday 29th of October 2016, 8.00pm

THE WATER DIVINER, Dir. Rusell Crowe | 2014 | 111’ | VOSE 
Epic adventure set four years before the devastating battle of Gallipoli in 1915, in Turkey, a country immerse in the First World War. The Australian farmer Connor travels to Istanbul to discover what has happened with his three children, all declared missing in war. During his search he creates a relationship with a beautiful Turkish woman, owner of the hotel where he stays. Holding on the hope and with the help of a Turkish official, Connor goes on a journey around the country to discover the truth about his children's destination.

Presentation of the series and discussion: 1st of October at 8.00pm

Given by: 
Virginia Greville, Ambassador of Australia in Spain
John Rochlin, Honorary Consul
Menene Gras Balaguer, Culture and Exhibition Director of Casa Asia

2016/10/01 > 2016/10/29

Presentation of the series and discussion: 1st of October, 8.00pm 
Film series: Between the 1st and 29th of October 2016

Girona Cinema 
c/ Girona, 175

Price of the ticket: 3.5 Euros 
Price of ticket holders and members of Girona Cinema: 2 Euros

Casa Asia, ASBA (Australia Spain Business Association), Embassy of Australia and Girona Cinema
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