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Preview of the film “Blanka”

Preestreno de la película “Blanka” 700

We invite you to the preview of the film “Blanka”, by the director Kohki Hasei and winner of the Award Magic Light and Best Foreign Film at the Venice Film Festival 2015.

The preview will be held next 20th of September at 8.00pm at Girona Cinema.

We draw lots of 20 double tickets at page of Facebook of Casa Asia, courtesy of European Dreams Factory, in collaboration with CineAsia, Nits de Cinema Oriental, Casa Asia, La Casa del Cine and the Philippine Embassy.


Blanka earns her living stealing and with magic tricks on the streets of Manila. She dreams about saving up enough money to “buy” a mother. When she meets Peter, a talented blind musician who also lives on the steets, her love will make an unexpected turn. They both decide to join their strength to face everyday struggles. Thanks to Peter, Blanka discovers that she is good at singing and, what's more important, understands that money will never buy someone's love.

About the film:

Does the idea of buying a mother exist in modern society? 12 years ago, the director Kohki Haei visited Manila. He was in something similar to a landfill and there he came accross children and lives and worked surrounded by rubbish. Children that opened his eyes. Later, every Christmas, he continued visiting them to take them presents and thought that it would be a good idea to make a short film with them as if it were a game. The result is the film Blanka that deepens into a difficult and committed subject from a positive and hopeful point of view.


2016/09/20 20:00 h
20th of September at 8.00pm
Girona Cinema
Carrer Girona, 175
European Dreams Factory, CineAsia, Nits de Cinema Oriental, Casa Asia, La Casa del Cine, Embassy of the Philippines

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