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Premiere of the Film: "The Magic Brush"

Estreno de la película:

Casa Asia, in collaboration with Girona Cinema, announces the premiere of The Magic Brush, directed and written by Zhixing Zhong. It consists of the adaptation of a traditional story of Chinese popular literature that has been updated in the format of an animation film.

It consists of a moral story: Ma Liang lives in the small village of Baihua. He is a boy who likes to draw above all things. One day, he receives a paintbrush that has magical powers, through which he can transform everything he draws into reality. With this magic brush in his hands, Ma begins to help all inhabitants of his village until the news is spread, risking his own life. A general who wants to take control of the brush, takes the young man hostage and threatens with invading the village. Finally, he manages to steal the paintbrush, but in his hands all powers disappear. In his struggle to recover it, he asks his friends for help; meanwhile, Ma is forced by the general to draw a mountain of gold. He accepts, but he has another plan to avoid the general from becoming the richest and most powerful man in the world.

Animation film that portrays a world of universal values, difficult to find in current society, but that triumph thanks to the generosity of a heroe and his friends that struggle to avoid evil carry out its plan.

2016/09/17 18:00 h
Saturday 17th of September 2016, at 6.00pm
Girona Cinema
c/ Girona, 175

Price of general admission: 4.5 Euros
Casa Asia, in collaboration with Girona Cinema


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