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Demonstration of Japanese Bonsai Art

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The General Consulate of Japan in Barcelona and Casa Asia organise a Japanese bonsai art demonstration by master Masashi Hirao. ‘Bonsai’ is a Japanese origin word that means 'tray' (bon) and ‘nature’ (sai) and it consists of the art of cultivating trees and plants reducing their size and expressing the beauty of natural landscapes.

While he studied at the University of Kyoto Sangyo, Masashi Hirao visited Hojo garden, work by Misuzu Shigemori that made an impression on him for its beauty.

Since then, his objective has been to promote Japanese culture. He has given many workshops, demonstrations and activities in several countries. As a result of these activities, he was appointed Cultural Ambassador by the Agency of Cultural Affairs of Japan in 2013, spending 4 months in 11 different countries to show the beauty and joy of bonsais.

Presentation hosted by:
Rafael Bueno, Director of Politics, Society and Educational Programmes of Casa Asia

Akiko Sagano, Deputy Consul General of Japan in Barcelona
Masashi Hirao, Japanese master



2015/03/10 18:00 h

Tuesday 10th of March at 6.00pm


Casa Asia Headquarters
Sant Manuel Pavilion
Sant Pau's Modernist Venue
c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167


Free admission with limited capacity. It is essential to register giving your name, surnames and DNI/NIE/passport number:

Casa Asia and the Consulate General of Japan in Barcelona, in collaboration with Bonsái Mistral
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