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Culture > Concert: “Hannaneh (حنانه), a Persian Musical Journey”

Concert: “Hannaneh (حنانه), a Persian Musical Journey”

Concierto: “Hannaneh (حنانه), un viaje musical persa” IMG2

Casa Asia, together with the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Iran and RBA Foundation, presents a concert of traditional Persian music with the band Hannaneh (حنانه), from Teheran.

Persian traditional music is based on improvisation and composition. The common repertoire includes more than 200 melodic movements called gusheh, classified in seven dastgāh or "ways". Every gusheh and every dastgah have their own name. The ensemble is called radif and it follows the instructions of a master or ostad. The singer in Persian traditional music is very important because it is generally who decides what the tone and feeling of every dastgah will be, depending on their mood.

The Iranian group Hannaneh is made up of 5 musicians and it was created in 1991 by the composer Kamran Hemmatpour. They have been awarded with many prizes as a group and as individual musicians, among which we highlight the first award of the Mouludí Festival and of the Festival of San Lorenzo in Milan and the award to the Band of the Year in 1997 in Teheran. Individually we highlight the award to the Best Percussionist at the Taiwan Festival in 2012 for Mahdi Ayoughi Pourtafti and the first award of the Fajr Music Festival in Iran for Hasan Khodaeinia.

Kamran Hematpour: setar
Hasan Khodaeinia: kamanche and tar
Mahdi Ayoughi pourtafti: daf and tombak
Saman Barzi: doho and kuzeh
Ghasem Yousefian: singer 

2014/02/14 19:00 h
Friday 14th of February at 7.00pm
Auditorium of RBA Foundation 
Av. Diagonal, 189
Free admission with limited capacity. Prior registration is required giving your name and surnames: [email protected]
Casa Asia, together with the Cultural Department of the Embassy of Iran and RBA Foundation
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