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Exhibition: "Afghanistan"


This exhibition project displays the work of photographers that explore a country in a conflict with an uncertain solution for the last thirty years. The authors of the images have stayed in Kabul, Kandahar, Mazar-e Sarif, Herat, Jalalabad and Kunduz, among other cities, in search for the unrepeated moment they have captured until it becomes history.

The exhibition project explores Afghanistan through media such as photography, video and photo-installation (given by Guillermo Cervera, François Fleury and Rubén Guillem), on the one hand, and the journlist story (Plàcid Garcia-Planas and Guillaume Fourmont-Dainville) and literary stories (Atiq Rahimi), on the other. It also includes around 40 anonymous portraits of Afghan people made in Kabul and coloured by hand, which can be seen for the first time in an exhibition hall.

The exhibition tour begins with 20 medium and large-format colour images (8 and 12, respectively), and a monochannel video and a diaporama with more photographs shown on screen by Guillermo Cervera, followed by three stories that are presented on an audiovisual media: Story of the man who wanted to modernize Afghanistan, ¿Por qué llevas burka? and En el valle talibán de Arghandab, by Garcia-Planas. Next, the 43 anonymous portraits of Afghan people are displayed, obtained in Afghanistan by Fleury, Fourmont-Dainville and the collector Cyrille Moleux, and are a sample of the photographic heritage of the country. The third part of the exhibition presents the 11 photographs by François Fleury, black and white, together with a photo-installation that adds the series of unpublished stories by Guillaume Fourmont-Dainville called Los afganos.

The great Afghan writer Atiq Rahimi, Goncourt Award 2008, contibutes an extract of his novel El regreso imaginario, which closes the tour around the main exhibition hall (2nd floor). The display is completed at the Noble Floor of the Baró de Quadras Palace (1st floor) with the 13 photographs by the Photographer Rubén Guillem.

2010/11/30 > 2011/05/01
Opening: Tuesday, 30th of November 2010, at 7.30pm.
Opened since the 1st of December 2010

From Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10am to 8pm
Sundays, from 10am to 2pm
Closed on Mondays
Casa Asia Headquarters
Exhibition Hall - 2nd floor
Av. Diagonal, 373

The exhibition can be visited until the end of March. Free admission.
Casa Asia, in collaboration with the Embassy of the USA and Ámister Hotel
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