10/04/2020 | Barcelona | Activities > Cinema

Casa Asia programmes another Iranian film retrospective for CaixaForum Madrid, consisting of 8 films made in 2017 by the new generation of film makers trained in Iran and whose contribution has consolidated the existence of an Iranian national cinema.

This cinema is not only interesting for the number of titles it offers per year, but for the narratives and contents it refers to. Most productions are full of topics, landscapes and figures of local everyday life, even though the historic topic of Iran-Iraq war (Villa Dwellers) or certain sensitive periods of the Islamic Republic (High Noon Story) also play an important role showing the ability of its authors to go to the past from a more and more open present and where cinema plays a first order role. This proposal approaches different sides of a society that surprisingly is not as well known as believed, despite the cultural potential of this country, whose discovery in many aspects is to be done. Cinema approaches worlds we could not access any other way and that however we can share easily. This is why it is interesting and attractive for our audience. As well as mentioned films you can see MotheringLeaf of LifeAzarForty BaldiesLina and Appendix that received the Award to the Best Script, granted by the Jury of the Official Section. These films were screened at the last edition of Asian Film Festival Barcelona | AFFBCN.

Casa Asia, Farabi Foundation de Teheran and the Cultural Department of the Embassy for the Islamic Republic of Iran and Cinemes Girona.