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In a well-governed country, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a badly governed country, wealth is something to be ashamed of. - Confucius

Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2018/06/21 20:00
Concert of Barcelona Coral Asia at La Model

Concert of Barcelona Coral Asia at La Model

Within the series “Música als Parcs”, Barcelona Coral Asia will sing in the building of La Model next Thursday 21st of June at 8.00pm. The repertoire will include 16 songs in Asian languages of China, Korea, Iran, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, North Sumatra, Papua, India, Pakistan and Nepal, among others.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2018/06/22 > 2018/06/30
Film Series: "East of Eden"

Film Series: "East of Eden"

Casa Asia collaborates once again with the International Display of Gay and Lesbic Cinema of Barcelona Fire!! programming the series "East of Eden" with four titles of the current panorama of Asian films, which coincide in the need to show the problems of LGTB communities that are often hidden or we deliberately ignore.
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2018/06/02 > 2018/07/14
Film Series of Central Asia
Bp_cultura Madrid. 2018/06/07 > 2018/06/26
Film Series of New Zealand

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