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Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2014/10/25 > 2014/12/27
Film Series: “Imagine India Barcelona”

Film Series: “Imagine India Barcelona”

Casa Asia and Imagine India present a selection of films from the 6th edition of this festival in Barcelona, which has been directed by Qazi Abdur Rahim for more than a decade.
Next screening, 20th of December at 8pm: Khargosh (The Rabbit)
Bp_cultura Manlleu. 2014/12/21 19:30
Asia Festival Tour: "Famiya Khan in concert"

Asia Festival Tour: "Famiya Khan in concert"

Within the framework of Asia Festival, Casa Asia, Barcelona County Council, Manlleu City Council and the Cultural Academy Shur Rong organise this concert by Famiya Khan.
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2014/10/11 > 2015/01/31
Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Cultural Tour: "India in BCN"

Casa Asia and CultRuta offer an indian cultural route in Barcelona to make known the history of Indian immigration in Barcelona and how this community contributes nowdays to the richness that having a diverse city involves.
Next tour: 27th of December
Bp_cultura Barcelona. 2014/12/18 > 2015/03/15
Chinese Lantern Festival

Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival is a spectacular exhibition of 500 giant silk figures, illuminated from inside, of Chinese millennial culture. It is opened on the 18th of December 2014 and will be open until mid March.
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2015/02/07 > 2015/04/18
Take Part in the Intercultural Forum Theatre Classroom (8th edition)

Take Part in the Intercultural Forum Theatre Classroom (8th edition)

Casa Asia, Pla BCN Interculturalitat ― Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue Programme of Barcelona City Council and La Xixa Teatre organise a creative intercultural experience based on the principles and methodology of Forum Theatre with the purpose to share experiences and discuss stereotypes and rumours regarding immigration.

Bp_casa_asia Barcelona. 2015/01/14 > 2015/03/04
Course of Mindfulness: Meditation of Full Awareness
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2015/01/24 10:00
Taller de introducción al canto védico
Bp_educacion Barcelona. 2015/01/24 > 2015/01/25
Workshop: “Poetry of Water, Ink and Sand”

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