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To know that one knows what one knows, and to know that one doesn't know what one doesn't know, there lies true wisdom. - Chinese proverb

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Book Launch: "Bhagavad Gita, Juan Arnau's Edition"

Book Launch: "Bhagavad Gita, Juan Arnau's Edition"

This book, a translation based on a Hindu text of the 2nd century BC which is part of the extense Mahabharata poem is without a doubt a display of Hindu's wisdom essence and one of the key works of universal literature. Its translator, Juan Arnau will reveal its main keys.
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Imagine India at Casa Asia

Imagine India at Casa Asia

It is not unknown that the cinematographic industry of India is one of the most powerful in the world despite the fact that Bollywood breaks records inside and outside the country, but there is another Indian cinema that is also important, whose impact is due to the micro stories of essential titles in order to understand Indian history, its colonial past, its partition, political tensions between India and Pakistan and to get to know its inhabitants' everyday life.
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Film Series: "New Wave of Korean Cinema"

Film Series: "New Wave of Korean Cinema"

Korean cinema doesn't require presentations, but its popularity and interest it awakens still needs to be proved among bigger and bigger publics, whatever their knowledge on Korean and its culture is. The effort made by Korean film makers and institutions has without a doubt contributed to spread an image of this country, which has served to awaken interest in its cinematographic productions in all genres, thanks to the solid narrative architecture that characterises this cinema.

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Celebration of Bengali New Year

Celebration of Bengali New Year

Barcelona joins the celebrations of the arrival of the Bengali New Year (also known as পহেলা বৈশাখ Pôhela Boishakh), next Sunday 29th of May at Plaza dels Àngels, in Raval neighbourhood.
Bp_politica_y_sociedad Barcelona. 2016/05/31 19:00
Book Launch “La primera estrella de la noche”, by Nadia Ghulam and Javier Diéguez

Book Launch “La primera estrella de la noche”, by Nadia Ghulam and Javier Diéguez

On Tuesday 31st of May at 7.00pm the launch of the book “La primera estrella de la noche” by Nadia Ghulam and Javier Diéguez will be held. It consists of a witness of the suffering and hope of the women of the author's Afghan family. Women that with their everyday struggle and their intention to break conventions show admirable strength.
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Talk: "Energy Tao"

Talk: "Energy Tao"

Owing to the launch of the book El Tao de la energía by JM Romero, Casa Asia offers a talk about Chinese health science, among which we find qigong and dietetics. According to the book, everything is energy, everything is constantly flowing, everything is interrelated, which is why a permanent search for balance is required.

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